Important: before you begin, you must have ready access to the following:

  • The name of your medical insurance provider and the policy number
  • The name and phone number of your student's physician
  • The names and phone numbers of at least two emergency contacts

Please note:

  • You should use a computer or laptop to fill out this form, a mobile device such as a smart phone will usually not work properly and the information may not be properly submitted. We also advise against using an iPad or tablet if it is avoidable. If you are using an older Windows computer (running Windows XP) that is using an older version of Internet Explorer (version 8), the link below will not work. In this case switch to a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome and you should not have a problem.
  • The registration account should be created by the parent, it should not be created by the student. It is OK for the student to help the parent in this process but the account should be in the parent's name and use the parent's email address.
  • Record your login and password for future use. Once the account is created, a parent can use the same account in the future to update the student registration or to re-register in future years. A single account can be used to register more than one student at more than one school. Do not attempt to log in using a Skyward login and password, it will not work for this purpose.


  • You will need to print and sign the Activities and Athletics Signature Page. The signature page is found at the bottom of Part One of the online process. This form must be turned in to the Activities/Athletics office before the registration is complete. Students will not be able to participate in athletics or activities unless the signature page is on file.
  • If your child will be involved in Athletics they will need to have a current Sports Physical Exam form. You may call the Athletic office for information on your current physical on file. Students will not be able to participate in athletics unless a physical is on file.
  • If your child is a Running Start / Online / Alternative Ed / Home School student and wants to participate in a sport they will need to print and complete the forms found in Part Three of the on-line process.
  • All relevant school and athletics fees must be paid either online at (use your Skyward login and password to access this link) or at your school's Athletics & Activites office (for high schools) or Main office (for middle schools).

The forms must be turned in to the Activities/Athletics office before registration is considered complete. Students will not be allowed to participate in sports or activities unless online registration has been completed, the required forms are on file and fees have been paid.

To register your student for activities or athletics, click on their school:

If the link does not work, contact Carol Stewart at 676-6526.

General questions about activities or athletics programs should be directed to the activities and athletics secretary at your child's school:

LeAnn Young at 676-6471, x7634